Android vs iOS Mobile Platforms – pros and cons

| 16-Feb-2015 |

The Smartphone OS scene is seeing a real slugfest at the moment with each OS trying to go one up on the other. With Symbian dying a slow death and Windows still a relatively less preferred, the battle is clearly between Android from Google and the iOS from Apple. Both platforms have produced great market share and impressive profits. Below we examine the pros and cons of both ecosystems.


  1. Android


Android is miles ahead of other OS when it comes to multitasking ability. The notification system on Android is also the best. This includes emails, updates from social networking sites and glorious widgets. The Android market for Apps is growing at a faster rate than even Apple’s. Also no other OS has better social networking integration as compared to Android, and the biggest thing is the ultimate freedom it gives the user in choosing suitable hardware.


It isn’t the best optimized one around and it shows in the poor battery performance, when compared with others. Now even though the batteries are getting larger, running time is the same. A user needs a Google account to get apps from store. Desktop syncing is not available here and carrier skins are also not good ones.


  1. iOS


IOS is hard to beat when it comes to media playing features. Although apps are coming up at a faster rate on PlayStore, Apple Apps are still way ahead in terms of quality and quantity. IOS has one of the best and beautiful UIs around and it gets updates way faster than the other OS. Time between IOS development and its release is less. Apple has introduced desktop syncing in iOS and this is a big plus over Android.


Android soundly beats iOS when it comes to the notification system; in fact no other OS is as good as android in that department. Another big disappointment has to be the compulsion of using iTunes to sync any files to the phone. Apple had officially say no to Adobe’s Flash support for iOS and general consensus is that it was not the good idea, but worse.

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