Can I Make Money From Free Mobile Apps?

| 30-Mar-2015 |

There are virtually millions of free and paid mobile apps and number is increasing day by day. The demand of mobile apps for different mobile systems and platforms is at all time high thanks to the increasing demand of the smartphones themselves. These apps have provided both mobile developers and content publishers a great chance to earn massively. It is understandable that you can make a lot of money by selling paid apps but what about the free apps. Many people wonder can they make money from free apps.


It is very possible to earn money from free apps and following lines explain how.

  • Use Mobile Ad Networks:

The easiest method to earn money from free apps is to make full use of in-app advertisement. Two of the most popular in-app advertisement platforms are AdMobi and InMob. These are networking platforms that help you start earning money without wasting any time by easily integrating your apps with ads. The only drawback of using this method is the low rates of CPM which can be quite stressful for amateur developers.

  • Employ Rich Media Ad Networks:

Apart from AdMobi and InMob, there are many other rich media ad networks you can employ. One such network is Greystripe that helps you garner the interest of large number of audience and make them come back to your app more often. These ad attract more viewership and higher CPM because they are visually appealing to the eyes.

  • Sign Up for Ad Exchanges:

You can make free mobile app development a lucrative business for you simply by signing up for ad exchanges. This is perhaps the most important steps towards earning money from free apps as it allows you to integrate with several profitable ad networks simultaneously. In addition, it offers much higher CPM rates you would otherwise get by integrating with a single ad platform. However, you would also have to optimize your app or content for different types of ads, putting extra strain on your resources and time in addition with lowering your net returns.


  • Get a Sponsorship for Your Apps:

If you somehow manage to get a sponsorship for your app, you can generate a constant and assured stream of income. The best thing about sponsoring apps is that the returns are normally high. You can also better integrate you app with the sponsor’s app or brand by creating an app for the sponsor as well.

It is one of the best methods to earn money from free mobile app development. However, the app you create should be a perfect fit for the sponsor’s brand. Similarly, only the established and renowned developers are in the position of maintaining long lasting relations with the sponsors because things can get quite expensive for yourself at times.


It is very much possible to earn money from free apps. In fact, free apps sometimes generate more revenue for you as compared to paid ones. You just need to explore the options available to you and you will start earning money almost instantly.

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