Android App Development of Multi Language Emoji Keyboard
Project Description

We developed the Android app for users in India to be able to communicate in their preferred language as it supports more than 10 Indian languages. The app provides a wide collection of awesome unique sticker & emoji collection which are fast, simple and easy to share on your favorite social media network – Facebook or WhatsApp. Thus, making your chat and message more thoughtful by inserting cute stickers that show what you really mean. Keyboard Themes – The app provides hundreds of themes to choose from like movie actors, Indian festivals, sports players, or your favorite food, sports, bike, or car. Emojis, Smileys & Emoticon GIFs – The app gives you access to a huge collection of Emojis, Smileys & Emoticon GIFs, thus allowing you to indicate your emotional state or activity – to your instant message. Quick Sticky Notes – The Quick Sticky Notes feature on the app offers an easy access to your stored personal information assisting you to maximize your productivity. This simple notepad editing experience on the app will help you to keep your work effortlessly organized especially when you are traveling. Emoji Art – The app has a collection of Emoji Art, depicting few of the funniest use of Emojis – use them on the social networking sites and one would get addicted to it in no time. Moreover, the expressions convey the meanings which words most often cannot. So download the app and right way start the Emoji chat with your friends and enjoy! Experience more enjoyable and engaging conversations with your friends through this Emoji Keyboard+ app! The app is completely free to download!

Project Details
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