Reasons Apple may reject your iPhone app

| 22-Dec-2014 |

It is not so mean feat when you decide to enter such a crowded market with over one million apps. It is even more difficult to get attention to your app that deserves after all the hard work you put in. However, to pass the Apple’s rigorous test about how the app should look and work is perhaps the hardest nut to crack.

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Following lines contain some tips that will help you to successfully pass Apple’s tough standards and regulations as far as apps are concerned.

  • It is not Up to Standard or Copied:

Virtually thousands of developers have developed copies of popular apps such as Flappy Bird. Therefore, Apple will simply reject your app if it the copy of existing apps if there are already too many of them. Therefore, it is imperative for you to add something new or exciting even if you are copying any other app. If your app fails to provide some sorts of lasting entertainment or something useful, Apple will have no problem in rejecting it.

  • It is not Fully Tested:

When it comes to thorough and rigorous testing of the apps, Apple is second to none. Furthermore, the scrutiny will be tight if your app is an expensive one or provides services for which people have to pay. You have to ensure that there are no glitches in your app and it is free of bugs before you submit it to Apple store for approval.

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  • Application Versus Website:

Sometimes, developers upload simply a website instead of app if it is a mobile version of a website. You have to ensure that you app is an app not a carbon copy of the website. You can do so by giving your app a mobile interface and it is even better if you use native code. Most importantly, you have to make it easier to browse than the actual website on which it is based.

  • Too Complicated or Slow:

You have to make app as a convenient and easily accessible source of information or entertainment. Consumers don’t like to flip through hundreds of screens to find what they want. Simple enough, if layout and navigation of your site is not simple for common user, Apple will reject your app.

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