Role of Smartphone Applications in Education

| 09-Jan-2015 |

Connectivity, Multi-Functionality and Portability. One can no longer deny the important role that smartphone applications play in our lives. As more people gain access to the digital world, it is undeniable that smartphone applications is an essential part especially when it comes to education.



Education has now more become accessible thanks to electronic learning or online distance learning programs launched by many institutions. Students from around the world can now access world-class educational programs without having to leave their resident country. As course modules are downloadable, students can sync their course modules to their devices such as laptops and tablets. Smartphone apps also allow students to check the courses in their own smartphones. Some institutions also create QR codes so that students can use their phone(s) to scan and access the data.

Smartphone apps are also not exclusive to regular or online students as many apps nowadays also help students with learning disabilities learn and assist teachers, parents and schools on what to teach students with disabilities. Students who are suffering from blindness can also learn through several apps such as Voice4U or Learning Ally which are available for both Android and IPhone phones.

Teaching Aid

Teachers and parents will also find smartphone apps helpful not only in organizing their documents but also in managing and monitoring class activities. Teachers can share useful resources, assignments and lectures to their students through several apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage. Students will be able to focus on the lecture without having to worry about jotting down notes during class hours and then download the notes to their smartphones or other devices.


Unlike before where interaction is one-sided, learning through apps becomes interactive. Students who have difficulty in learning are now encouraged to study the lessons by looking at the links that come with the material. Examples include interactive tour maps, videos and guides that are especially helpful for enriching arts and history classes which many students find boring.

Environmental Impact

Perhaps the most crucial role that smartphone apps play in education is its impact in the environment. By going digital, the demand for paper decreases the need to cut down trees and eliminating waste products in the process. Truly, the role of smartphone apps have evolved and its impact is undeniable.

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