Siri or Google Now: Which Digital Assistant Reigns Supreme?

| 02-Sep-2014 |

It’s a debate that rages on, and there are strong voices on both sides of the divide. But, which is better? Siri, as any iPhone user knows, hasn’t exactly been the revolutionary feature that it was billed as when it was first introduced. But, over time, Apple has continually tweaked Siri to the point now where many iPhone users find it to be quite useful. On the other hand, the reaction to Google Now has been fairly positive, if only as a testament to how much criticism was levied at Siri when it was first introduced. Still, there are things Google Now does better than Siri, and there are things that Siri does better than Google Now. So, which of these two personal digital assistants is better?


There are a lot of things that both platforms do in common, and both do those things equally well. But, there are some things that separate them.

Siri: One of the reasons that Siri’s reputation has been resuscitated in the public’s eye is that it works really well as a means for controlling your phone. It can answer phone calls, send text messages, update your calendar with appointments, set timers – pretty much anything you’d want your phone to do, you can accomplish by interacting with Siri.

Google Now: Rather than attempting to react to your needs on command, Google Now attempts to anticipate them. It will try to get a feel for how you are using your phone, and it will then offer you information that you haven’t even thought to ask for yet. Getting up to go to work in the morning? Google Now will deliver the traffic report. Want to know if you need to bring an umbrella? Google Now can tell you.


The Verdict: While both of these personal digital assistants share a lot of features in common, there are some things that distinguish them from one another. If you’d appreciate the convenience of simply talking to your phone in order to update your schedule, then Siri is best for you. If you want a phone that anticipates your needs, then Google Now is the platform for you. Either way, they’re both incredible pieces of software, something many don’t seem to appreciate as much as they should.


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