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Role of Smartphone Applications in Education

Connectivity, Multi-Functionality and Portability. One can no longer deny the important role that smartphone applications play in our lives. As more people gain access to the digital world, it...

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When to Monetize Your Free Mobile App

Are you interested in monetizing your free mobile apps? Before you decide to do so, it is essential that you choose the best strategy to ensure that you make...

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iBeacon Apple Technology – Brimming With Potential

If there’s one thing that’s true about iPhones it’s this: They’re everywhere. And many businesses are looking for new ways to interact with their customers through their iPhones or...

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What to Know When Hiring an Android Developer

Android application development is all about technicalities. The process of developing an app for Android requires technical skills focusing primarily on programming codes and scripts. For instance, you can’t...

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Siri or Google Now: Which Digital Assistant Reigns Supreme?

It’s a debate that rages on, and there are strong voices on both sides of the divide. But, which is better? Siri, as any iPhone user knows, hasn’t exactly...

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How to Index Your Android App on Google Search

Indexing your app’s content through Google search is a powerful way to generate more users for your mobile application. Thankfully, Google has made the process of having your app...

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