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| 21-Jan-2015 |

Since weather apps have become something of a playground for great designers and developers these days, there are many excellent options available on the App Store. The hard job is choosing between them.


Below are some of the top weather apps for iPhone:

  1. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is the best free option available on iOS. It’s one of the coolest weather apps ever created. Yahoo Weather includes more advanced data such as barometric pressure, wind speed, and sunrise/sunset times. And it does all this in a beautiful, easy to adopt way that doesn’t bother you with confusing digits and conversions.

  1. Dark Sky

It has quickly become one of the top weather apps for iOS. It gives users up to the minute current updates. Great for finding out if it’s snowing or raining. Dark Sky isn’t flashy but it is very easy to use.

  1. Weather Line

Weather Line shows the weather in one of the most interactive and useful ways; through a series of gorgeous charts and easy to read graphs. If rain prediction is important to you, get Weather Line instantly.


  1. Shade

Shade is a minimalistic weather app that supports many locations with options for 7 day weather forecasts, graphical information, temperature, notifications, and more. If you like swipe gestures and prefer simple looking interface, Shade is a great choice.

  1. Weather Pod

Weather Pod provides a unique weather experience utilizing many swipe gestures. You can swipe up for regular almanac statistics and astronomy, swipe down for live weather updates, swipe right for weather alerts and storms, and swipe left for your full week forecast. Its background also changes with time depending on your location’s weather conditions.

  1. Haze

This one is about as minimal as you can get. You can easily see the current temperature just by clicking the app. The screen is brightly colored that represents the temperature in the center. You can also see a week forecast, wind speed, and navigate using motion. Cool background animations will predict you the following day’s weather trends.

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