What to Know When Hiring an Android Developer

| 06-Sep-2014 |

Android application development is all about technicalities. The process of developing an app for Android requires technical skills focusing primarily on programming codes and scripts. For instance, you can’t be an android developer if you know nothing about JavaScript and XML. If you prefer other programming scripts, you can go with HTML5 or C#. Still, those are very technical skills you will need. However, an Android developer may have certain skills that are not necessarily technical-based but still make him equally competent as his peers.

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For instance, communication skills are still important for any developer. Sure, if you are a developer, you’re most likely working from home or in a cubicle at the office without the daily requirement of communicating with your superiors or fellow developers. In fact, you can do that right just by sitting in front of your computer and chatting with them – giving suggestions, receiving feedback, sending designs, and requesting for invoices. An android developer, therefore, needs not only the skill to talk about programming languages but also know how to communicate difficult jargon’s to people who might not be able to understand those. Additionally, you must know how to communicate ideas effectively because that’s the only way you can move forward with any project you’re working on.

Secondly, an android developer also needs to be committed and focused on his work. It is a service provider industry after all. If an android developer promises results on a certain day, that commitment must be honored. Delays can snowball and cause further delays in the workflow process so everyone has to be a team player for the project to move along and timetables can be followed. Additionally, a hired developer should also learn how to prioritize tasks because it’s not uncommon for clients to assign multiple projects to one develop so time management is a skill that needs to be mastered by any app developer.


Mobile Apps Development Company should know the value of its client. Trust, commitment, respect, and open communication are all important for an employer-employee relationship to work, and that also applies to professionals working in the Information Technology industry. These are especially important when dealing with clients who are located in other parts of the world, since it’s not unusual for offshore web developers to be hired by corporations, big or small, based in other continents.

The love for a project will also reflect in how a developer works with his client. If he really is passionate in what he does, he will suggest ideas and designs that will benefit the app, with the goal of making maximum profit for the app. Clients rarely know anything about Java, XML, or any programming language used in developing Android apps but with proper guidance provided by the android app developers, the project can be executed smoothly and efficiently.

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Of course, this goes both ways. Sure, all of the hard work is provided by the developer but it doesn’t mean that the client can just sit and wait for the project to finish. Setting expectations early on can prevent problems in the future so again, open communication is key to a successful partnership.


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